Phat Math Reason Refill Finally Released!

Finally, after long wait, our first Refill for Propellerheads Reason, has been released! This Refill comes from over 3 years of sound design, of my personal library. You can listen to the demo here.

I had some people guess what it was, just from hearing the demo, both on KVR and on the Propellerheads forum, and the guesses ranged from hardware (Access Virus TI, Korg DW8000, Wavestation, Matrix 12, or a Fairlight), to software (Atmosphere, Korg Legacy/Digital collection, Zebra 2, z3ta+, or ZeroVector).

Believe it or not , the demo song (and Refill) is 100% using Reason’s Subtractors as sound sources (even the drums), with Reason’s effects. This Refill consists of over 1000 expertly programmed patches in total, including 900 Subtractors patches and over 500 Combinator patches. It also includes the demo song, so you can take it apart and see how it was put together.

These sounds are suitable for all sorts of genres and the patches include cutting leads, soaring pads, earth shaking basses, ripping guitar style patches, and all sorts of synthetic phenomenon. To purchase the Phat Math Refill, and add this piece of sonic wizardry to your arsenal, please go to the AccelerMedia Sound Store.