How to Convert FLV videos for Free

So you’ve downloaded an FLV file, and now you’d like to convert it to another format, to view it on another device, edit it, etc? I’d like to share with you some great open source software I’ve found for converting FLV videos. I recently tried to convert an FLV file to another video format that … Read more

Free File Synchronization Utilities

I've recently been looking at a number free File synchronization utilities. I'd previously used SyncToy from Microsoft. It worked well for me for a little while, but then I ended up loosing a number of files because it removed files that I didn't actually want to delete. The horror of loosing precious files made me … Read more

Camera Tracking with Blender

Ever wonder how to make it look like a 3D object is moving in relation to a moving camera? For the effect I’m talking about, have a look at this: The car on the left is created in Blender, the car on the right is real. To make 3D generated objects look like they’re … Read more

Video Editing – Adobe Premiere, vs Final Cut, vs Avid, vs Vegas Pro

I’ve been looking around at upgrading my video editing software, and found this discussion here, and because of this decided to stay with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3: I have access to Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Video, but because of the integration with other CS3 apps and high degree of features, I think … Read more