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AccelerMedia Launches Revolutionary AI-Doctor™ Powered by OpenAI’s GPT Technology

Innovative Healthcare Solution Set to Transform Patient Care

Jacksonville, FL – AccelerMedia, a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-Doctor™, a state-of-the-art medical tool powered by OpenAI’s latest GPT model. This revolutionary platform is set to redefine healthcare by providing accurate, efficient, and accessible medical assistance to patients worldwide.

The AI-Doctor™ represents a significant leap forward in medical technology. By harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, AccelerMedia offers an innovative solution designed to support both patients and healthcare professionals, and enhance patient care. This AI-driven tool is capable of interpreting a users health related queries and quickly finding the latest medical information on a given subject. When providing information, AI-Doctor will cite and provide links to medical articles where people can validate and find further data about the topic.

woman doctor in white long sleeve shirt holding black smartphone where she can access AI Doctor
Doctors and medical professionals can have the latest medical information at their fingertips with AI-Doctor™.

Key Features of the AI-Doctor:

  • Symptom Analysis: Utilizes AI to find relevant articles discussing similar symptoms so that a human doctor might be able to more easily diagnose.
  • Medical Information: Provides up-to-date medical knowledge, including links to articles that may have possible treatment options and medication details.
  • Support for Healthcare Professionals: Assists doctors and nurses by offering quick access to medical information and patient management tools.
  • Accessibility: Offers 24/7 medical assistance, making healthcare information more accessible to people in remote or underserved areas.

“AccelerMedia is committed to leveraging the power of AI to transform healthcare,” said Jacob, CEO, AccelerMedia. “Our AI-Doctor is not just a tool; it’s a step towards a future where quality healthcare is within everyone’s reach. By combining OpenAI’s GPT technology with our expertise in digital solutions, we aim to empower both patients and healthcare providers.”

The AI Doctor adheres to strict privacy and ethical guidelines, ensuring that all patient data is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security. AccelerMedia emphasizes that while the AI-Doctor is a powerful tool, it is designed to complement, not replace, the critical role of human healthcare professionals.

AI-Doctor is currently available exclusively on ChatGPT Plus membership. AccelerMedia has plans to release to release a standalone AI-Doctor App™ version in the near future.

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AI-Doctor replies do not constitute medical advice. AI-Doctor and AI-Doctor App are trademarks of AccelerMedia LLC.


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