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Accelermedia is now on Twitter. If you’d like to get the latest on our games and apps, then head over to our pages and follow us! Our sound design devision, Uniphonic, can also now be found on SoundCloud, as well as Twitter. [Editors note: references to Google Plus have been removed, since it is no … Read more

New levels for Angry Apes

Birds and apes compete for their bananas

We’ve been hearing users cry “Great game! …but now I’ve done all available levels. When are next levels coming?” This week we released an update to the Angry Apes game, which added 5 new levels. This makes a total of 48 levels of Angry Apes fun, for Android and Blackberry Playbook, with even more levels … Read more

3D Flash Game Example

Here is an example of a 3D Flash game, that uses Away3D: If you use the arrow keys while making your character jump by clicking with the mouse, you can get some Matrix style turns. 😉