Stock AI Assistant Released on ChatGPT

Stock AI market graph

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AccelerMedia Launches Stock AI – A Revolutionary Conversational Stock Market Expert January 10, 2024 – AccelerMedia LLC – A leader in innovative technology solutions, AccelerMedia is thrilled to announce the launch of Stock AI, an advanced stock market analysis tool powered by cutting-edge GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) technology. Designed to provide users … Read more

AI Logo Generator Released as GPT

AI Logo Generator

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AccelerMedia Introduces AI Logo Generator: A Paradigm Shift in Branding and Design [Jacksonville, FL] – AccelerMedia LLC, renowned for its innovative AI solutions, announces the launch of the AI Logo Generator, a revolutionary tool hosted on the OpenAI platform. This GPT-based tool is poised to redefine logo design, offering diverse applications across … Read more

AI-Doctor GPT Released on ChatGPT

AI Doctor - AI Doctor™ harnesses cutting-edge technology to deliver the most up-to-date health information and expert advice available.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AccelerMedia Launches Revolutionary AI-Doctor™ Powered by OpenAI’s GPT Technology Innovative Healthcare Solution Set to Transform Patient Care Jacksonville, FL – AccelerMedia, a leader in cutting-edge technology solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking AI-Doctor™, a state-of-the-art medical tool powered by OpenAI’s latest GPT model. This revolutionary platform is set to redefine healthcare … Read more

“AI Personal Trainer” Released, Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT

AI Personal Trainer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AccelerMedia Announces Exclusive Release of “AI Personal Trainer™” Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT Jacksonville, FL –, a leading provider of innovative AI solutions, is thrilled to announce the exclusive release of AI Personal Trainer™, a cutting-edge AI-powered chatbot developed in collaboration with OpenAI. This revolutionary AI chatbot is now available exclusively on … Read more

Auditory Vortex Vol. 2 Refill for Reason Released

Auditory Vortex 2 Reason Refill

Auditory Vortex Volume 2 sound set is finally released as a Refill for Propellerhead Reason. It’s been a while since the volume 1 release, and has been eagerly anticipated. The new volume is even bigger than the last one, at over 900 Thor patches! It’s also currently on sale, so please have a listen to … Read more

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Accelermedia is now on Twitter. If you’d like to get the latest on our games and apps, then head over to our pages and follow us! Our sound design devision, Uniphonic, can also now be found on SoundCloud, as well as Twitter. [Editors note: references to Google Plus have been removed, since it is no … Read more

New levels for Angry Apes

Birds and apes compete for their bananas

We’ve been hearing users cry “Great game! …but now I’ve done all available levels. When are next levels coming?” This week we released an update to the Angry Apes game, which added 5 new levels. This makes a total of 48 levels of Angry Apes fun, for Android and Blackberry Playbook, with even more levels … Read more