Palm OS to Android: app replacments

I used to use a Palm Treo as my main mobile device, but I've since replaced it with an Android device. I found it interesting to see other people's replacement of apps, and I thought it might be usefull to others to know some of the Android equivalents I've found to my old Palm OS apps. Thus, this list:

Application Type Palm OS Android OS
Backup NVBackup My Backup Pro/Titanium Backup
Calculator Stock Palm OS Real Calc
Calendar Agendus Jorte
Music Player pTunes Winamp/Pandora
Contacts Stock Palm OS Stock Android OS, plus Contacts GroupU
Dictionary Moxy ColorDict
Ebook Reader Palm eReader/Mobi Pocket Aldiko/FBReader/Kindle for Android
Email Chatter Email K9 Mail
Facebook Facebook for Palm Facebook for Android
File Manager Resco Explorer EStrong File Manager
Ftp client Resco Explorer EStrong File Manager
Subway/Bus Routes MetrO OneBusAway
Microsoft document reader Docs2Go ThinkFree Office
Music Making App Bhajis Loops uLoops
Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator
Network tethering USB Modem Wireless Tether for Root/PDAnet
Notepad Stock PalmOS/PsMemo Note Eveything/EverNote/Catch
Passwords Keyring OI Safe
Pdf Reader PalmPDF Adobe Reader
Sd card reader Card Reader Built In
Shopping/Checklist Splash Shopper OI Shopper
Ssh client TuSSH Connect Bot
Weather kMeteo Weather Channel/Weather Bug
Task/Todo Stock Palm OS/Agendus Astrid/Jorte
Video Player TCPMP QQPlayer
Web Browser Blazer/Opera Stock/DolphinHD/Opera
Yellowbook Search Google Maps Google Maps/Places/Where

There are many more great apps I haven't mentioned here. If you've got one you think is worth mentioning, please leave a comment?

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