How to Convert FLV videos for Free

So you’ve downloaded an FLV file, and now you’d like to convert it to another format, to view it on another device, edit it, etc? I’d like to share with you some great open source software I’ve found for converting FLV videos. I recently tried to convert an FLV file to another video format that … Read more

Free File Synchronization Utilities


I've recently been looking at a number free File synchronization utilities. I'd previously used SyncToy from Microsoft. It worked well for me for a little while, but then I ended up loosing a number of files because it removed files that I didn't actually want to delete. The horror of loosing precious files made me … Read more

Stick Figures in Blender using Processing

This is a nifty little application which is written in the Processing language, which allows you to draw stick figures and export them to Blender for animation. If you haven’t heard of Processing, it’s an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. You can check … Read more

Blender and Flash Tutorials

Here are some more Blender and Flash tutorials that you can get for free: They’re actually demos for the full tutorial (you have to pay for the full version). If you like the demo versions, then you might want to pay for the full version. I’d definately recomend checking them out. One thing I … Read more

3D from a Photo

These technologies are still in development, but here are some incredible developments that can convert a picture into a 3D image:    

Blender to Flash

I found another tutorial that shows you how to go from a 3D object in Blender, and export it as something that you can use with a Papervision or another Flash 3D engine. It exports to a Collada file, before you import into Papervision. This one is a bit longer way than the direct to … Read more

More Blender Tutorials for Beginners

I came accross some more Blender 3D tutorials, that I thought were pretty good for beginners (they show pretty well how to use the interface): Also, here are some more Blender video tutorial links: And another good place to start: (archived)…aterial/366743

Open Source Video Editor Comparison Review

I found this little comparison review of Open Source Video editing programs. The top three came out as KDENLIVE, OpenMovieEditor, and… Blender. Actually, the reviewer claims that those are the only ones he found really usable on Linux. I found it interesting that Blender was on the list, even though it’s primary purpose is 3D … Read more