Ubercart – Themeing product pages

I found a nice tutorial about how to theme your product pages in Ubercart. In Ubercart it’s easy to get basic product pages, but to make them look unique requires a bit more finesse. Here’s the post from the forum: http://www.ubercart.org/forum/development/3868/nifty_products_tutorial_part_1 And while we’re talking about themes, this seems to be a nice module for … Read more

Camera Tracking with Blender

Ever wonder how to make it look like a 3D object is moving in relation to a moving camera? For the effect I’m talking about, have a look at this: http://3d-synthesis.com/movies/Lincoln_1961_02.mov The car on the left is created in Blender, the car on the right is real. To make 3D generated objects look like they’re … Read more

Video Editing – Adobe Premiere, vs Final Cut, vs Avid, vs Vegas Pro

I’ve been looking around at upgrading my video editing software, and found this discussion here, and because of this decided to stay with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3: http://www.wwug.com/cgi-bin/readwholethread.fcgi?forum=adobe_premiere&post=070426024433.htm&toppostid=31752 I have access to Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Video, but because of the integration with other CS3 apps and high degree of features, I think … Read more

Open Source e-Commerce – Magento vs. Ubercart

To my eyes, the most promising open source e-Commerce platforms I’ve seen lately are Ubercart and Magento. We’re actually currently using Ubercart here as I write this, for this very site! Ubercart is actually a module for Drupal (a powerful content managment system). Drupal has another e-Commerce module… Drupal e-Commerce (yes, not very imaginitive, I … Read more

3D Flash Game Example

Here is an example of a 3D Flash game, that uses Away3D: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/427278 If you use the arrow keys while making your character jump by clicking with the mouse, you can get some Matrix style turns. 😉

3D Animation in Flash

Want to do 3D in Flash? There are 3 basic ways to get 3D animation in Flash.


  1. You can export video (or a series of images) from your 3D program, and import it into Flash. These would be basically a series of raster images (i.e. bitmaps) in Flash, that look like 3D.
  2. You can use some type of export from a 3D program that renders directly as a vector object in Flash. This would be similar to method 1, except that it would be in a Vector format instead of raster.
  3. Read more