PHAT MATH Refill for Reason

  • Posted on: 21 March 2008
  • By: Jacob
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PHAT MATH Demo Song:

You might find it hard to believe after listing to the demo, but 100% of the sounds you hear are generated starting with Reason's Subtractor Synths. PHAT MATH Refill From Uniphonic™ comes a Refill for Propellerheads Reason encapsulates over 3 years of sound design, and contains over 1000 patches, including 900 Subtractors patches and over 500 Combinator patches. Careful attention is paid to controller mappings, including aftertouch, to make the patches very playable!

These sounds are suitable for all sorts of genres and the patches include cutting leads, soaring pads, earth shaking basses, ripping guitar style patches, and all sorts of synthetic phenomenon. This purchase is a digital download, that will be available immediately after purchase, so you can start making music right away. Compatible with Propellerheads Reason 3 and 4.

Phat Math Combinator Backdrop

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"I remember growing up when my piano teacher got an M1. I spent weeks auditioning sounds on that thing. Later on my parents got me an Ensoniq Sd1, and it took me weeks again to audition all the sounds (took me much much longer to figure out how to program my own sounds though). Getting a new refill such as Phat Math is kinda the same, it can take a couple of days to work through all the sounds in the refill, especially when you start really getting into some of the patches.

What is really amazing to me in Phat Math is the guitar work. I kept looking and looking again for the sampler, but they just weren't there, these gutars are made with frigin SUBS! And their amazingingly playable! I even used one of the "Distant Highlights - Strat" patches, and the other guitarist couldn't beleive it was a synth, let alone no samples.

I also really really like the Rhodes patches, and the pads are really beautiful. There are so many hard, rich, fat, and loud synth patches out in the main combinator directly. These patches alone will take you a few hours to work through and audition."


"Wow! An outstanding example of just what is possible with Reason's oldest synth. ...I have been blown away by the 'guitar' patches. The sounds Jacob has achieved with these patches are simply amazing, and are really playable."


"great refill jacob. those basses are seriously killer!!!"

"Just sat down with it today and am very impressed, not only are the sounds nice, but they are not overbearing and easy to mix in. Especially the pads!! Can't wait to get more familiar with it. Good job!"


"Thank you Jacob. Downloaded and playing with it now. Man, you are one seriously good synth programmer. It's really hard to believe some of these patches (esp the pads and guitars) are done with only Subtractor. Wow. Can't wait to hear what you do with Thor and Malstrom!"


"I know I have bought a great product when everytime I load up a sound I want to stop and write a song instead preset surf.

Great Job!"