Free 3D Models Compatible with Blender

Some links to free 3D models, that are compatible (.blend file, or can be imported) with Blender:

The Official Blender Model Repository

Blender Architecture related 3D models:


Sci-Fi (starwars, star trek, etc):


3D Models of Various Formats, some of which can be imported into Blender

Motion Capture

2 thoughts on “Free 3D Models Compatible with Blender”

  1. Processing can be exported

    Processing can be exported to Java Applets which can be embeded into web pages, such as the first sketch board link above. 

  2. It’s been seven years ago

    It’s been seven years ago that Blender became Open Source, and to showcase all of our achievements, celebrate the release of our Blender 2.5 project, and pave the way for next years. But my question is, how is Blender being used and developed in different business areas?

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