ActionScript 3 speed optimization

I've recently come across some good articles on Actionscript optimization, so I thought I'd share them with those of you who are Flash coders. If you want to make your code/animation run faster, then there's a good chance something here will help.

This article talks about optimization in general, including a few non-code things:

This article talks about many math based code optimizations, which are things you might not think of at first:

Here are some optimizations related with memory access:

Nicolas Cannasse (the creator of HaXe) has some interesting things to say on optimization:

HaXe is a language that can comple to many other different languages (e.g. as PHP, JavaScript, swf) uses some optimizations which previously
could only be accessed if you compiled from C++ code with Adobe Alchemy. These optimizations are rather significant, even to the point that the wrote a whole version of the Sandy 3D engine based of of HaXe.

I hope this info was helpful to some of you devs out there. Let me know if you find some more interesting articles on optimization?

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