Video Editing – Adobe Premiere, vs Final Cut, vs Avid, vs Vegas Pro

I’ve been looking around at upgrading my video editing software, and found this discussion here, and because of this decided to stay with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3:

I have access to Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas Video, but because of the integration with other CS3 apps and high degree of features, I think I’ll be keeping Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 as my main stay. It works well with Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects (and I’ve also been using it since my school days). With all this, and then Blender to fill in for 3D, I think I’ll be one happy little camper! Able to create to my hearts content.

I think I’ll still be using Sony Vegas Pro on occasion, and Final Cut when I’m in another studio, but I think Adobe Premier Pro will fill my video needs as a whole (along with After Effects). Besides simple editing in Soundbooth, I’ll be using Ableton Live and Steinberg Cubase for heavy audio production and composition, using my 20 audio inputs for recording.