Moving from Drupal to WordPress

We’ve given our site a redesign, and along with it we’ve moved it from Drupal CMS (content management system) to WordPress CMS. We thought it was time for a refresh, but also we did this because WordPress gives us an unprecedented ease of use in creating and maintaining our own content.


This move is not to be confused with, which does free hosting with domain, instead of your own domain. Our site is hosted with AccelerHosting, which does really fast web hosting using WordPress or other types of hosting.

We still think Drupal a great platform, but have many other WordPress sites, and found that it was easier to maintain our WordPress sites than it was to maintain our Drupal sites, so we finally bit the bullet and migrated the AccelerMedia site to WordPress.


Here is a screenshot of our old Drupal based site:

Here is a screenshot of our new site running on WordPress:

screenshot of Accelermedia site built on WordPress

We hope readers find our new site is cleaner and easier to navigate than our old one.

Drupal to WordPress plugins

To move our site from Drupal to WordPress, we used some special WordPress plugins. The first one we used was FG Drupal to WordPress. Because we had our content built in an unusual way, with custom content types, we also had to use FG Drupal to WordPress Premium and FG Drupal to WordPress Premium CCK module plugin.

We ended up having an odd issue in our migration, where we ended up having to update some database fields manually, but it was pretty easy, and in the end it all worked out. If you’re going through your own update and you run into trouble, you might want to take a quick look at the database, and make sure that things look correct.

Your thoughts?

Do you have any experiences with moving from Drupal to WordPress? Like our new site hosted with AccelerHosting on WordPress, then please feel free to drop a comment below.

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