Adobe Flash content is now Search Engine Friendly!

Great news everyone! Search Engines are now getting the technology to crawl through Adobe Flash content. The Flash SWFs files (even old ones) are now becoming searchable by search engines. 🙂

The improved SWF search even includes the capability to load and access remote data like XML calls and loaded SWFs. This means Flex applications are included too!

Woo hoo! Great news for us Flash Developers/Designers. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Adobe Flash content is now Search Engine Friendly!”

  1. I tried to create the

    I tried to create the application which using Adobe FLEX 3.0 SDK to develop flex/flash under Linux. In fact it’s just a “hello actionscript 3″ instead “Hello,world!” known for every earthman. This article is not to introduce the skill of ActionScript 3 

  2. Adobe flash-SEO

    I have just read your blog and would definitely follow the link to know more details..will reply back after seeing and going through it.

  3. I really like using Flash

    I really like using Flash content, but never was able to due to its Low search engine friendliness, this is really very good news for us flash enthusiasts. -Stan Brower

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