New levels for Angry Apes

We’ve been hearing users cry “Great game! …but now I’ve done all available levels. When are next levels coming?” This week we released an update to the Angry Apes game, which added 5 new levels. This makes a total of 48 levels of Angry Apes fun, for Android and Blackberry Playbook, with even more levels on the way soon!

If you’ve already downloaded the update, you might also have noticed we added an indicator that lets you know when you’ve run out of ammo for the cannon. We’re hoping this will make it a bit more clear to first time users that they have a limited number of shots per round. We’ve also done some more optimization to the cannon firing physics, so that it will fire a little more consistently between the different types of projectiles (small coconuts, apes holding big coconuts or bouncy balls, bombs, and even a “barrel of monkeys.”

We’ve also added a couple share links to the app, to make it easy to share the game with your friends. We hope you’ll enjoy the new levels, and please feel free leave any comments to us here. Now go bounce some toucans!

Angry Apes Game