Angry Apes top selling app for Blackberry Playbook

Woohoo! In less than a week since it’s release, Angry Apes has reached the number 1 position in the Blackberry App World for Playbook in the Top Purchased category. For a few days it was hanging out at number 2 position, but now, since yesterday, it’s been showing up as the number 1 position in the Top Purchased category!

Now, we don’t know exactly how this ranking is calculated, or what time period it’s based off of, but we’re happy none the less! It also doesn’t take into account the non-Playbook apps in the Blackberry App World, that are for other Blackberry devices. This ranking is just Playbook apps.

In case you haven’t heard, Angry Apes is a game for mobile, including Blackberry Playbook, Android, and soon to be on iOS. It was inspired partially by games like Stupid Zombies and Angry Birds, but has all original characters (a bunch of apes and some funny looking toucan birds), and it’s own unique features like vector graphics, stereo positioned sound effects. It also has unique game play, like apes holding giant rubber balls as they get fired out of a cannon and bounce off the walls. Check Angry Apes it out and let us know what you think!