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Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 22:54
This video demonstrates how rotary phones used to work. I remember having one when I was a kid and seeing this definitely triggered some memories! Timo Rychert writes: This one's a bit older, but it never made it to BlenderNation (I guess since I didn't subtitle it, when I tried first). Anyway, I just rediscovered [...]
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Blender Head Portrait #1: Ton Roosendaal

Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 13:30
Gabriel Hackett has been drawing a number of famous Blenderheads. He's been away for a while, but will now be posting his work here on BlenderNation. I often sketch in the evenings when if I'm not working on an animation - I had a free evening on my hands and I had run out of [...]
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5 Must Know Swift Features

The Flash Blog - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 09:49

n this Swift video tutorial you will learn about 5 must know Swift features: lazy vars, tuples, Swift arrays, enumerations, and computed properties.

Nine Volt Audio gives away The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition in Stylus RMX, REX, Kontakt, Apple Loop, Acid Wav & Wav formats

Audio Freeware - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 08:59
Nine Volt Audio is giving away 1000 downloads of The Beat Aesthetic: Taiko Edition: a library of drum loops that float between tribal, cinematic, action, and world beat feels. The library originally [Read More]

How you can Support Blendernation

Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 08:38
Running BlenderNation takes a lot of time and energy,and I need to make a some money to keep doing it. If you enjoy BlenderNation and you think it’s a valuable resource to the Blender community, then please take a moment to read how you can support me financially and ensure I can keep publishing Blender [...]
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Weekend Contest Winner: Campus of Universidad de Costa Rica

Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 06:58
Lots of excellent city views were submitted for the weekend contest 'Your City'. The winning image was the Campus of Universidad de Costa Rica, submitted by Guest (argh!) So Guest, whoever you are, please email me at and provide a screenshot of your project in Blender to identify yourself :) You'll get to pick [...]
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Tall Forest

Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 02:52
By DerekG1080. Something new for you guys. Hope you like it 43hr to render 175 samples 2000x2400.
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Open Source Renderfarm: GSORF

Blender 3D News - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 01:18
Here's a new Blender renderfarm project, all open source. BlenderEi writes: Hello Blenderheads, during the last two semesters I was developing a Renderfarm especially for Blender, to be used within my university. It is focused on an easy setup and comfortable use. The software is written in C++, utilizing the great cross-platform Qt Framework and [...]
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Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax for Mac, Win & Winamp to v1.15

Audio Freeware - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 00:51
Thomas Mundt has updated LoudMax for Mac OS X and Windows to version 1.15. Changes: Improved peak detector algorithm. Optimized limiter curves. More precise sound impression. The Winamp version [Read More]

Green Oak Crystal (AU) updated to v2.5.3.1

Audio Freeware - Tue, 11/04/2014 - 00:33
Green Oak has updated the Audio Unit version of Crystal to version This update for Macintosh users provides OS X 10.10 support and fixes a problem with AU validation when used with Logic. [Read More]

Comet-Impact with breakdown

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 22:54
Smashing a comet with the fracture modifier and lots of smoke. It looks rather good, but might have benefited from a little camera shake to emphasise the mass of the comet. Hey! This is Dennis from Dennis Fassbaender Visual Effects again. As you remember im testing scorpion81´s fracture modifier, and so i had the idea [...]
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Strategic Initiatives for in 2015

Drupal - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 15:27 is an amazing installation of Drupal. At nearly 13 years old, it is one of the largest, continuously operating examples of Drupal. It is difficult to fathom, but has been upgraded in place from version to version for this entire timespan. I can think of no other site that has gone this long without a significant content and structure migration.

Over the years, has grown from a single server owned by a contributor to multiple racks at the OSL data center, plus cloud resources and content distribution networks spread across the globe. is more than a single site. There are over 20 services and subsites that make up the ecosystem that powers the Drupal community. Each month, over 20 TB of data passes through the infrastructure.

With such a huge impact, it is important that we have a strong plan for the direction of With that, we would like to introduce you to the Roadmap. Roadmap

Read on to find out how we set this strategic direction.


Volunteers built up these systems focusing on their passions with community initiatives. Many times these volunteers gave up days of their life - unpaid - to make sure that people could continue to build websites with Drupal and to build Drupal and its contributed projects.

While the result is impressive, there are many areas of that received little or no attention in this model of development. If a developer burned out, or there was no one in the community with a passion for the area of needed improvements, that area remained unmaintained.

For several years, the Drupal Association has funded the infrastructure that runs The Association pays for the hosting facilities and the hardware to keep running.

The evolving role of the Drupal Association

In 2013, the Drupal Association board made the decision to begin building up an engineering team. This team would support both the infrastructure and software development activities behind Our goal is to accelerate the development of the new features and to help build a cohesive roadmap so that would help unite a global community to build the best of the Web with Drupal. (Hint: that is the mission of the Drupal Association.)

Hired in March of 2014, the Drupal Association CTO was tasked with building a team and gathering feedback from Working Groups and the Board of Directors to set a strategic direction for

Prioritizing the work

There are three primary working groups that guide the development of Content Working Group (DCWG), Software Working Group (DSWG) and Infrastructure Working Group (DIWG).

New development of features for the community of sites and services was determined through weeks of careful deliberation and research:

  • Previous years of feature ideation
  • Working group feature ideation
  • User research project
  • Working group prioritization
  • Board of Directors input and feedback
  • Staff ideation on maintenance and performance improvements

One of the key influences in our prioritization process was the user research that was conducted during and after DrupalCon Austin in June of 2014. We interviewed over 30 individuals that represented a wide range of users from those that were just starting with Drupal, to longtime members of the community, and even those that had once used Drupal and had transitioned their careers to different technologies.

This gave us four key areas in which to focus:

Sustaining support and maintenance

These efforts are the ongoing work that keeps the servers up and running and performing well. The Infrastructure issue queue is the primary place for this work, but there are several other related queues where staff and volunteers from the infrastructure team are focusing their work. Work that staff is tackling will be assigned to a staff member and tagged with d.o support.

  • Support for users: issue queues and email support
  • Performance: uptime, page response, ongoing testbot deployments and maintenance
  • Improving automated tests to make development and deployment reliable
  • Maximize hardware and migrate to cloud services where appropriate
Fund and future tools

While the majority of funds supporting come from our partner programs (Supporting Partner, Technology Partner, Hosting Partner), we are looking for ways to diversify were we raise funds.

Board and Working Group Priorities: Staff Initiatives

These initiatives represent the work that Drupal Association technology and engineering staff will be focused on in the near term through 2015. By being focused on these initiatives, we will get the related features launched on faster. We will still need help to vet and test these features, so follow the issue tags you are interested in and get involved in the related issues.

  • Better account creation and login
  • Organization and user profile improvements
  • Responsive Redesign of
  • Issue workflow and Git improvements
  • Make Search Usable
  • Improved tools to find and select projects
  • Groups migration to Drupal 7

The Roadmap provides much more detail about these key initiatives.

Community Initiatives

There is always more work to do on We need committed and active volunteers to help with key initiatives that showed up in both our user research and the prioritization from the working groups. These are projects that we can support the efforts of contributors that have the time and skills to push these initiatives forward. Three examples with strong community leadership include:

  • Support
  • Next generation testbots (DrupalCI)
  • Two-factor authentication
You can help

In addition to these initiatives, we would love to support a community member that would be willing to step up and lead an initiative to organize our Q&A and support on There is a huge need for people to be able to find answers to their Drupal questions. Stack Overflow fills part of this role, but there are many more opportunities on itself.

We will also need a community driven effort to help us establish project ratings and reviews once these tools are in place. It will take a group effort to make these affective quickly.

All of our initiatives need community involvement. Whether it is commenting on issues posted to these projects or joining in at sprints to move these initiatives forward, we can use your time and commitment.

Thank you

This planning and work would not have been possible without the financial support from our partners, the direction and leadership of the board, the time commitment of our Working Group members, and an incredibly dedicated Drupal Association staff.


Front page news: Drupal News

Learn ow to create pixel art in Blender

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 11:30
Nycholas Weissberg shows how to generate a pixel art effect. Hey Blendernation.This is my first video tutorial... I made an animation of a Pokeball yesterday and a lot of people liked the effect I added to render it! So I decided to share the knowledge with you blender artists! I hope you enjoy it and [...]
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Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 10:10
By Sergio Raposo. Blender 2.72 Cycles render. A cartoon environment inspired in Manhattan.
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Enhance - Compositor Nodepack

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 08:30
Diego Gangl offers a collection of 36 compositor nodes that will easily add a distinct look to your scene. Enhance is a pack of nodes designed to help you get a professional look. Quick and easy. The pack includes 36 nodes ranging from complete styles to the basic filters to build them and more. Analyse, [...]
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Breakdown: Separation Anxiety

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 06:40
Here's a breakdown of one of Reynante M. Martinez' latest images. Hi, Blenderheads! Here's a short video showing the various stages of "Separation Anxiety". Have fun! Also, you can drop by my FB page for more updates. - Reyn
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Audio Assault releases Transient - Free Transient Shaping Plug-in for Mac & Win VST, AU, RTAS & AAX

Audio Freeware - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 05:24
Audio Assault has released Transient, a free Envelope Shaper plug-in for VST/RTAS/AAX on Windows and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX on Mac OS X. Increase the attack of a snare, highlight picking on an acoustic [Read More]

RewardCo Introduction Video

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 04:25
A nice and clean infomercial, entirely made in Blender. Mark LaBarr writes: I was hired to provide RewardCo with their introductory video. Entirely created in Blender, music and voice-over provided by RewardCo.
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CodeFN42 releases VeloScaler for Windows (freeware)

Audio Freeware - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 03:10
CodeFN42 has released VeloScaler, a free VST plugin for Windows that will let you adjust velocities of MIDI notes. You can set a minimum and maximum value, and scale the velocity by a specified [Read More]

Viennese Blend SEVEN - Community Meeting in Vienna

Blender 3D News - Mon, 11/03/2014 - 02:10
Blenderheads in Vienna are meeting this Tuesday. Simon Repp writes: Shortly following the Blender Conference (which happened Oct 24-26) we meet to recap and hear some live accounts from the conference! Also, being three days before the PIXELvienna 9 there will also be a quick preview and teaser to get everyone in the mood for [...]
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