Auditory Vortex - Thor Refill - Vol. 1

  • Posted on: 2 January 2010
  • By: Jacob
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Uniphonic™ brings you a vortex of incredibly musical sounds, all created with the mighty Thor! All of the sounds in the demos above are created with Thor, from the Auditory Vortex Refill, Volume 1. This Refill for Propelllerhead Reason contains over 430 Thor patches including slicing leads, booming basses, breathtaking pads, ripping guitars, keys, and even drums, plus a bonus of more than 170 Combinators.

Auditory Vortex Refill focuses on highly playable and musical sounds. From unusual ethnic sounds created using physical modeling techniques which can be tweaked and twisted, to un-earthly circuits calling from another realm, you'll find many fresh sounds here to enhance just about any style of music. You'll find a few psycho-acoustic inspired sounds, such as our own impression of a burning piano on fire. An abundance of phat synth leads. Many shimmering pads that have lots of depth and movement. Many thick basses, ready to kick a hole in your track.

Those who loved the guitar patches in our Phat Math Refill are in for another treat. There are 68 Combinators, and 40 Thor patches dedicated to Guitar inspired sounds. Thor allows for even more programming options, which we use here to increase the playability, realism and expression of these patches.

And if the demo songs above weren't enough for you, here's one more track made with the Auditory Vortex Vol. 1 Refill, using all Thors, except for one drum kit from the Reason Drum Kits Refill.

In the third demo track, the guitar's sustain and muted notes you hear are controlled with velocity and the mod wheel.

The expertly programmed Thor patches in this Refill are grouped into the following categories: Bass (56), Bell-like (14), Ethnic (10), Guitar (40), Keys (10), Leads (110), Orchestral Inspired (19), Pads & Textures (93), Percussion (32), Other synth patches (50), plus over 170 Combinators that take advantage of layered effects and instrument combinations, to make huge and beautiful sounds.

Most sounds take advantage of Mod Wheel and Aftertouch mapping, so be sure try moving those controllers when playing patches. Most patches also take advantage of Thors assignable knobs, for quick access to useful parameters, so you can easily create your own variations of the sounds.

Requires Propellerhead Reason 4 (or higher) to play the sounds. This purchase is a digital download, that will be available immediately after purchase, so you can start making music right away.

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Some excerpts of reviews in the Propellehead forums:

"Ok this is by far the best Reason 4 synth based refill yet. There´s no competition. The sounds are useful and sounds like theyre coming out of Korg M1. Big lush perfectly balanced sounds that can be used in all sorts of music, mainly because they are MUSICAL!"


" of those high quality ReFills that helps to prove the power and versatility of the existing Reason Synths when sound design is put into capable hands."


"Exploring this ReFill is like trying out all the factory presets of a recently bought new synth!

It's a very complete set of well made sounds that range from very powerful Bass to expressive Leads, beautiful Strings and Pads (it's usually very difficult for me to like pads, btw!) and there's enough synth Drums to make some interesting kits (there's even some cool ReDrum driven Thor drum machines).

Some of the patches achieve an unexpected realistic sound!

Also, it's noticeable the care taken to make all the patches as expressive with as much modulation control as possible either through the ModWheel, Aftertouch, Expression pedal or the generic Rotary and Buttons. To me, that's always a sign of well thought out patch design.

This is indeed a very high quality musically inspiring collection of Thor patches that show what Thor is capable of."


"I Highly Recomend Uniphonics Thor Refill.  bought this last night. its really awsome. the thor patches are really usable... combis are dope too."


"It feels like the factory presets of a high-end hardware synth."


"the presets and combis really are that good. jacob really out did himself this time."