Blender to Flash with Animation

  • Posted on: 10 September 2008
  • By: Jacob

Finally there is a way to get 3D into Flash, from Blender (or another program such as 3DsMax), with Animation! It's a tool called Cast3D.

Check out this:

You can download the Papervision 3D component for Flash CS3 from here:



Free 3D Models Compatible with Blender

  • Posted on: 14 July 2008
  • By: Jacob

Some links to free 3D models, that are compatible (.blend file, or can be imported) with Blender:

The Official Blender Model Repository

Blender Architecture related 3D models:


More Blender Tutorials for Beginners

  • Posted on: 30 June 2008
  • By: Jacob

I came accross some more Blender 3D tutorials, that I thought were pretty good for beginners (they show pretty well how to use the interface):

Also, here are some more Blender video tutorial links: