Angry Apes released for Amazon Kindle Fire

New levels for Angry Apes

One of the new levels recently added to Angry Apes

We've been hearing users cry "Great game! ...but now I've done all available levels. When are next levels coming?" This week we released an update to the Angry Apes game, which added 5 new levels. This makes a total of 48 levels of Angry Apes fun, for Android and Blackberry Playbook, with even more levels on the way soon!

Angry Apes for Blackberry Playbook

Angry Apes has been released for Blackberry Playbook!

The apes are angry after having their banana's stolen by a bunch of greedy toucans. Now the apes are on a mission to scare away the greedy birds and get their banans back!

New Reason Refill Released - Auditory Vortex - Thor Vol. 1

Auditory Vortex - Thor Volume 1

Uniphonic has just released a new refill: Auditory Vortex - Thor Volume 1. What beter way to ring in the new year, than a new refill for Propellerhead Reason?

Social Media

Accelermedia is now on Google+, and on Twitter. If you'd like to get the latest on our games and apps, then head over to our pages and follow us!

How to Convert FLV videos for Free

So you've downloaded an FLV file, and now you'd like to convert it to another format, to view it on another device, edit it, etc? I'd like to share with you some great open source software I've found for converting FLV videos.


Angry Apes top selling app for Blackberry Playbook

Angry Apes in the Number 1 position in the Top Selling category, on the Blackberry App World for PlaybookWoohoo! In less than a week since it's release, Angry Apes has reached the number 1 position in the Blackberry App World for Playbook in the Top Purchased category. For a few days it was hanging out at number 2 position, but now, since yesterday, it's been showing up as the number 1 position in the Top Purchased category!

Angry Apes - New Game for Android, Enters Beta Testing

Angry Apes

We've just released a new game onto the Android Market for beta testing! The game is called Angry Apes, and the story line is based around some apes who get their bananas stolen by some toucan birds, and the apes attempt to get their bananas back and scare away the birds.

Mobile Apps coming for Android, iOS, and Blackberry Playbook

AccelerMedia is now actively developing mobile apps for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Blackberry Playbook. Very soon, you'll see a fun new game for Blackberry Playbook, and Android (phones and tablets), and  even iOS devices. We're don't want to give out all the details yet, but aiming to release it simultanously across all devices (or as close to simultanous as possible).

Check back soon for more details!

Palm OS to Android: app replacments

I used to use a Palm Treo as my main mobile device, but I've since replaced it with an Android device. I found it interesting to see other people's replacement of apps, and I thought it might be usefull to others to know some of the Android equivalents I've found to my old Palm OS apps. Thus, this list:

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